Tor is a all around performer from the Pinellas/Tampa Bay Area . He has done several different things such as
sleight of hand, Street magic, Stage combat, shadow acting, Fire spinning with Staff, fan, and poi, Props, Props Master, Stage Manager, Stunt coordinator, and blocking coach. Several of these roles he has done at the same time

Back in the late 90's Tor Joined a rocky Horror Picture show Cast Called Interchangeable Parts II, Groupies Gone Bad, performing as the Lead Riff Raff and was a loyal member until he moved away. While living in New Orleans, he was asked a couple of time to Perform as Riff Raff for the Rocky cast out there call T.E.C. (Transylvanian Electric Company) As a guest. While living in NOLA Tor began to learn sleight of hand and street magic, as well as getting to meet a idol of his who was also a magician and actor, Harry Anderson (Judge Harry. Stone of Night court)

When Tor returned to Fl he began to learn several types of fire spinning from people from Cutting Edge Combative Entertainment as well as good friends. Around the same time he also started learning Stage combat form Brent Feagan and Scott Mullen He then went on to perform at shows with theses people in places like Metro-con and the Florida Annual Pirate Festival.

 He also re joined his old cast under it's new name of Interchangeable Parts. He became a member of the lights crew and then moved to props, becoming Prop master and then Stage manager, he even from time to time returned his role as Riff Raff. At one point a great movie was released but got almost no notice by the media, Called Repo! The Genetic Opera. The movie became a cult hit with people all around.

Tor was told he looked a lot like the Graverobber and after seeing the movie him self became hooked. When the Degenerates were formed Tor was right there trying to help as best he could as well and studying the role he wanted. After getting the role Tor also became one of the blocking coaches, and the cast Stunt Coordinator. He has even gotten to meet the creator of Repo! Terrence Zdunich (As seen on right) What is next for Tor? Only Fate will tell......